Work directly and securely with a technician

Technical Support with Computer Surgeon is designed to be a comfortable and convenient process. We understand the stresses associated with the uncertainty of hardware and software malfunctions. This is why we offer our remote support service option. During a remote support session, you work directly with our technicians, over the phone, as they evaluate your hardware or software related issues. The remote support session provides our technicians with secure access to your computer allowing them to diagnose the issue. When the session is complete, the technician logs off and no longer has access to your computer.

The Computer Surgeon Remote Support Process

Starting a Computer Surgeon remote support session is a snap. Here’s how it works.

Call the Computer Surgeon office to setup an appointment for remote support.

Call 330-331-2350

Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application.

Download QuickSupport

Select “Run” when you are prompted to “Run” or “Save” the QuickSupport download.

Provide your support technician with the ID and password that is generated by the TeamViewer application.