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Technology changes quickly and people are constantly upgrading to larger, faster, more reliable hardware. So what happens to all of the old, discarded equipment. Is it thrown into storage or worse, into a landfill? Computer Surgeon is concerned about this trend and it’s effect on our global environment. Our recycling service disposes your unwanted computer or technology equipment in a manner that is secure and will not contribute to the pollution of landfills.

What’s the problem?

  • PCs and monitors generate hazardous waste.
  • PCs may contain as much as 8 lbs of lead.
  • Most monitors contain as much as 8 lbs of lead.
  • The mercury, lithium, and cadmium found in many PC batteries are toxic at high levels.
  • The other hazard with putting your computer in the trash, is that even if you have deleted your information off the hard drive, it may still be recovered.


How can you help ?

  • DON’T put your computer equipment in the garbage!
  • DO bring your PCs, monitors and batteries to Computer Surgeon.

We will physically destroy your hard drive and dispose of your equipment at a recycling center when possible, and otherwise at an approved disposal site. Please help Computer Surgeon help all of us toward a healthier environment!

150 Main Street
Wadsworth, OH 44281
Phone: 330.331.2350

If this location is not convenient, please check your local state EPA website for recyclers near you.