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As technology increases in complexity and usefulness, we become more and more dependent. Everything is great until we hit a snag. What kind of snags do you run into? Do you have problems sending e-mails? Do you have problems connecting to the internet? Do you hear funny noises from your computer? Some snags stop you dead in your tracks – has your computer ever crashed? Has a virus ever shut you down? Where do you turn?

Computer Surgeon is available to evaluate, diagnose and treat your problems. We can help! We can help with parental controls, antivirus software, internet tracking, and anything else your teenager might have discovered on the web! We have a great team who bring experience, knowledge and skills together to serve your needs. We all have questions on technology. The Computer Surgeon staff will guide you down the right track on software, hardware, spyware, repairs, upgrades, security alerts and any other technology issues. We look forward to the opportunity to serve and educate you in this forum.

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I’m pretty sure Matt is an angel. He goes above and beyond. He explains things in a simple way. He knows what he’s doing. He’s very good at giving updates. Overall, this has been the best customer service I’ve ever received. Would recommend to anyone who needs computer services.

Alice P.

Our hard drive had an issue, it was very important for us to retrieve all the photos and videos, it got fixed here with a very reasonable price, I believe if I have had to try BestBuy not only it would have cost me double but also it would have taken way longer time. We appreciate their work!

Zahara M.

Servicing devices from a wide variety of manufacturers

We are pleased to offer service options for these major manufacturers and many others. We welcome you to call for details or with inquiries.